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The biostatistics unit of Creascience offers consulting services based on the most recent mathematical and statistical tools. Services range from sample size computation, assistance in the design of a study or experiment, to state of the art data analysis & support in the interpretation of results.

Preparing Efficient Studies

Our statisticians can help in the preparation of research protocols or validate existing ones. In all cases, we naturally make sure that they respect ICH guidelines, FDA recommendations and any other relevant standard. We also insist on finding solutions that do not only meet regulatory requirements but are also cost-effective and maximise the chance of meeting the goals of the analysis.

Determining & Implementing the Appropriate Data Analysis Strategy

Our team of experienced statisticians can assist you in the determination of the most appropriate data analysis strategy. The team has extensive knowledge of statistical methodology and global regulatory requirements. It can help write or review your statistical  plan. Statisticians are proficient in the use of several powerful statistical software packages and have access to state-of-the-art tools to maximise the information extracted from your data.

Adapting Our Interventions to Your Needs

The involvement of our statisticians adapt to the clients needs and proficiency in the usage of statistical methods. Some clients consult us to validate procedures and experimental setups that they have designed or to get recommendations for an appropriate way to analyse data. Others ask us to be in charge of both the design and data analysis phases of a project. We are also regularly asked to act as mentors for junior statisticians starting in a new position and lacking the experience of supporting a team of scientists.

Increasing the Self Sufficiency of Your Teams

We offer customised solutions combining staff training and adhoc support to develop the long-term autonomy of teams, as far as statistical methods are concerned. We favour long-term partnerships as it has proven to be the best way to provide an efficient support by increasing the knowledge of the client’s goals and constraints and by making a better use of previous experiments to setup & interpret the current ones.