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Having one of our instructors come to teach at your facility is by far the most popular option. It allows setting up cost-effective and tailored sessions designed to suit your needs perfectly.

Contact us today to set up your own in-house training session in statistics.

There are many advantages to this flexible formula:


Onsite sessions are built by putting together selected material from several teaching modules to accommodate the client’s need. Explore the training sessions that we offer on this site and select parts that you are interested in. Contact us and together we will help you assemble modules to customize a training program designed to suit your specific needs.


Entire teams or departments can be trained together. Hands-on exercises and case studies are designed to facilitate group discussions and ensure that everybody has the opportunity to contribute.

Cost Efficiency

Even with a small number of persons to train, Creascience in-house training sessions cost less per person than public courses. By training your team at your facility, you will save on travel expenses.


The confidential atmosphere of onsite sessions gives participants the freedom to discuss problems and situations they might not feel comfortable discussing in public sessions.