Segmentation Analysis – A Primer

Segmentation Analysis – A Primer

Several clustering methods. Learn about their principle, conditions of use, data preparation phases, common pitfalls as well as good practices. Several real life applications are presented.



  • Goals & Context of Use of Cluster Analysis
  • Principle Underlying Cluster Analysis
  • Data Selection & Preparation
  • Clustering Method Selection: Principle, Advantages & Limitations
    • Hierarchical Methods
    • Optimisation Methods
    • Model-Based Methods
    • Other Methods
  • Assessing the Quality of the Clustering Solution
  • Use & Interpretation of Clusters
  • Summary
This applied training session is aimed at people who need to understand the steps involved in the clustering process. This module introduces key concepts in cluster analysis. It assumes that participants either have no previous knowledge of statistics or that they have not used statistics for a long time.
Upon completion of this module, participants will be able:
    • To understand what cluster analysis is about
    • To master the general principles underlying cluster analysis
    • To understand the key issues to address in cluster analysis & common pitfalls
    • To know about the most commonly used modelling techniques in cluster analysis

Recommended Duration: 1 day(s)

Course Materials:


Case Studies: