Generalised Procrustes Analysis

Generalised Procrustes Analysis

Discover a powerful multivariate technique for mapping the consensus among assessors rating series of products/concepts, and for quantifying and mapping the redundancy in sensory descriptors.

  • Purpose of GPA
  • Principle of GPA
  • GPA Output and Interpretation
  • Case Studies
  • Software Packages for GPA
  • Summary
This module is intended for scientific staff who collect 3-dimensional datasets and who wish to graphically summarizing them as well as assess agreement between assessors. Participants must have attended the session Principal Component Analysis and its Applications or have working knowledge of this multivariate technique.
Upon completion of this module, participants will be able:
    • To understand the context of use for GPA
    • To know which exploratory analyses should be carried out on the data
    • To prepare the dataset in the required format for GPA
    • To read and interpret numeric and graphical software output
    • To report and communicate the results of the GPA

Recommended Duration: 1 day(s)

Course Materials:


Case Studies: