We offer a variety of training modules that can be assembled and customised to develop your own tailored program.

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We develop tailored training sessions for engineers. Your case studies are used to illustrate statistical concepts. Hands-on applications are carried out using your statistical software. Learn how to control variation present in every engineering situation. Harness the power of the design of experiments (DOE) as well as statistical data analysis/modelling/machine learning tools.

Life Sciences

Training in biostatistics is highly valuable for life scientists, as it equips them with the necessary tools to design experiments, analyse data, and draw meaningful conclusions in research.

Training in biostatistics for medical science liaisons and medical writers is essential for effectively communicating scientific information, understanding clinical data, and providing valuable insights to healthcare professionals. We have developed a tailored approach for MSLs and medical writers seeking to enhance their biostatistics skills.

Research and Development

Learn about Design of Experiments to control variation inherent to every experiment, as well as the analysis of designed experiments. Courses are aimed at scientists, laboratory staff & more broadly people involved in discovery processes.