Fundamentals Statistical Tools

Fundamentals Statistical Tools

This Session Has 5 Reviews

  1. Leslie Lukens

    Excellent overview of statistics. I feel like I was able to obtain a strong understanding of the basics and will now be able to build on that. Highly recommended!

  2. Roger L. Roy

    Excellent overview of the most important concepts in statistics. The box-plot graphical tool was excellent in helping to determine if data can be considered independent, normally distributed samples so that standard statistical analysis can be conducted. The scope of statistical tests, use of the p-value, and how to minimize risks were all clearly explained. Finally, how to interpret confidence intervals and the equivalence between confidence intervals and hypothesis testing helped me to gain more confidence in my analyses.

  3. Ian Chapman

    I started with a minimal knowledge of statistics and statistical methods and tests. This course brought me right up to speed with my colleagues. The concepts were clearly explained and there were several examples of each concept. Overall, an enjoyable and informative course.

  4. Heath Hendershot

    Over-all the course was great. The teacher was very thorough in all aspects of the class. The class was well taught, the teacher asked questions to make sure we all understood, got class participation and incorporated in real examples from each participant.

  5. Dele Ogunremi

    I strongly recommend Natalie Rodrigue because of her extensive knowledge of statistical principles, a great understanding of application of statistics to biological data and her excellent and engaging teaching skills.