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Introduction to R Programming

Introduction to R Programming

This module offers an easy introduction to R programming. Learn the basics of R programming and the commonly used plots and statistical tools without pain.

  • Introduction to the R Language
  • Principle of the R Language
  • Working Environment
  • Key Elements
  • Reading Data
  • Manipulating Data
  • User Interfaces
    • Menu Description & Navigation
    • Data Importation
    • Creation of Plots
    • Running Simple Statistical Analyses
  • Application to Case Studies
This module is aimed at anyone who works with data and who interested in harnessing the power of the R programming language.This module introduces key concepts in statistics and data analysis. It assumes that participants either have no previous knowledge of statistics or that they have not used statistics for a long time. 
Upon completion of this module, participants will be able:
    • To understand the R language basics
    • To import data into R
    • To manipulate data in R
    • To become familiar with the user interfaces
    • To run basic plots and statistical analyses
    • To use the documentation and to find help

Recommended Duration: 1 day(s)

Course Materials:


Case Studies: