Market Research

We believe that quantitative methods applied to market research should not only be focused on data analysis but should actually start with an adequate planning of the study including appropriate questionnaire design and evaluation, and efficient sample selection. Similarly, it should not end with providing standard tables and summaries but also offer tools for visualizing and communicating the most relevant findings. Furthermore, it is illusory to believe that a single method can analyze all data, solve all problems and answer all questions. Depending on the specific questions you are trying to answer and the data you have available or are planning to collect, we will suggest and implement solutions that have been customized to be the most efficient ones in their context of application. Typical interventions include:

Developing efficient designs for consumer tests

Randomization is the key to minimizing the risk of getting biased results. Nevertheless, it is rarely wishable or even feasible to completely randomize a test. There are often constraints that should be accounted for, and there are statistical tools that can help take them into account while maximizing the information you get from the test.

Identifying consumer segments that exhibit comparable behavior

In applications like consumer segmentation, it is crucial to compare results obtained with different analysis techniques. There are many statistical methods available for creating groups in data and one should NEVER rely on the results obtained with a single one without confronting them to those provided by other approaches.

Product mapping

A picture is worth a thousand words…Using statistical mapping techniques, we can create informative plots positioning your products, prototypes and the competition according to their consumer perception, liking and their own sensory properties and characteristics.

Developing predictive models on consumer behavior

One of our field of expertise is predictive analytics and data modeling. Market research is definitely one of the most important fields of application for these methods.

Increasing your self-sufficiency with data analysis

Most of our applied training sessions in statistics dealing with data analysis and modelling are relevant for market research and are regularly offered in a customised version. To learn more, visit the catalog of our training sessions offered.