Cluster Analysis

Cluster Analysis

This Session Has 2 Reviews

  1. RD Reeleder

    This course was excellent value for the money. Well-structured and with plenty of hands-on opportunities, it is suited to both beginners and to those with some experience in the technique. The instructors were familiar with all the software packages used by the students and were able to offer practical advice on getting the desired output. A very practical course; loaded with information I could put to use right away. Highly recommended.

  2. Ping Qiu

    This course is very well structured and instructed. I attended both the PCA and cluster analysis session followed by workshop. The instructor (Natalie) is very knowledgeable and very good at explaining difficult statistical problem in a simple way. This course is especially suitable for non-statistician who needs to perform hands on data analysis. This course also exposed students to many different popular statistics packages so you can get a flavor of each of them which helps me a lot in choosing tools in my future research.