Having Access to a Tutor for Increasing Self-Sufficiency in Biostatistics

Coaching is probably the best way to increase your self-sufficiency when it comes to collecting and analysing data. We offer flexible options for a variety of situations: our solutions can be adapted for individuals or groups, used as a training follow-up or as an adhoc solution. All users have access to a series of web tools to ease communication.

  • Personal Coaching is primarily intended for isolated statisticians who are interested in having access to fellow statisticians to share problems and insights or simply assist them in supporting their own team. Typical users also include non-statisticians who are frequently using statistical methods and who are looking for guidance and validation.
  • Team Coaching is based on the same principles and addresses the needs of groups wanting to deepen their knowledge of statistical methods and software packages.

Coaching is also a valuable addition to any training program. It may be used to ensure some use of the training material into real applications between sessions. It may also be used as long-term follow-up used to reinforce classroom training to ensure that your team has the ability to apply and build upon the concepts.