Biostatistics – Our biostatistics team offers state of the art expertise in statistical design and analysis for preclinical studies, clinical trials and epidemiology research. Services range from sample size computation, assistance in the design of a study or experiment, to data analysis and support in the interpretation of results.

Business Intelligence – Our business analytics unit offers state of the art quantitative tools to implement advanced business analytics procedures. Our mastering of the most recent statistical methods in modelling, data mining and market research allows us to offer custom problem solving solutions. Our area of expertise includes credit scoring, consumer segmentation, HR risk management modelling…

Training & Coaching – For over 25 years, our instructors have been developing original teaching tools geared toward a non-technical presentation of fundamental statistical tools and concepts. Their areas of expertise encompass R&D, market research & predictive modelling.
A variety of options are available to increase your knowledge & mastering of statistical tools, including a varied catalog of training sessions as well as innovative coaching solutions.