The Virtual Statistician

"TheThrough an innovative membership formula, the Virtual Statistician grants access to a unique expertise, renowned
internationally, for all projects requiring regular statistical support .

  • Do you wish you had access to the expertise of a statistician?
  • Do you have regular needs regarding study design and data analysis?
  • Does your work require data handling?
  • Do you often have questions regarding the use of statistical methods?

If you answered YES to one of the above, the Virtual Statistician is what you need!

The Virtual Statistician grants access to

  • A package containing a number of consulting hours at a preferential rate
  • Hours can be used on a monthly, trimestrial or annual basis. Moreover, they can be shared within a company, a department
  • Billing
    is based upon blocks of 15 minutes. For instance, an annual package of
    10 hours can be used to address 40 questions of each 15 minutes
  • Substantial rebates on additional consulting hours
  • A dedicated web site:

The Virtual Statistician can assist you for

  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Setup experimental designs adapted to your objectives and constraints
  • Answer general and specific methodological questions
  • Carry out technological and scientific litterature searches
  • Statistically follow-up on projects: procedures and protocols
  • Provide guidance on graphical reporting of results
  • Ease the use of statistical packages such as S-Plus, SPSS, SAS, Minitab, NCSS…
  • Provide scientific support for R&D, an asset for your tax credit requests.

Virtual Statistician’s website also offers statistical vulgarisation
resources ranging from technical notes on specific statistical methods
and applications to an annotated directory of websites of interest.
Each user possesses a confidential and secure space on the web. Take a look at it today!

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